What Are the Key Features of a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber?

We often hear about new types of medical research, especially in the field of emergency medicine and trauma, including high altitude chambers. However, what is a portable Hyperbaric chamber and what are its uses? Here are some basic information regarding Hyperbaric Chambers (also known as Hyperbaric Oxygenation or HBOT, Hyperbaric Trained Positive Airway Pressure, orHBPS) and safety.

Principle and safety management in terms of high altitude diseases. For both prevention and treatment of moderate to severe AMS, portable hyperbaric chambers must not be utilized in case of minor acute AMS. Portable pressurized bags used for this purpose are NOT engineered to treat severe symptoms of AMS, or to facilitate prolonged climb up to the next day with no proper acclimatization.

The pressurization and the temperature of the chambers must be carefully monitored. The high temperature chambers can cause serious injury or even death if the temperature reaches 400 degrees Celsius (or too high). As with any high temperature environment, people with weak cardiovascular systems or with respiratory conditions like asthma should avoid using portable hyperbaric chamber. Also, pregnant women must not use this type of pressurized bag because their blood pressure can rise dangerously. Research shows that women in this category are at increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

Hygiene is another major factor. Most of the portable hyperbaric chamber  users are health care professionals and they need to make sure that the chambers come with sterile equipment. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have published recommended guidelines for the proper storage and use of hyperbaric chambers. chamber sterilization and testing procedures have been systematically verified by the FDA.

These chambers are designed and developed for two main purposes, one is for the treatment of medical ailments and the other is for performing certain experiments and monitoring the growth of cells. If you suffer from a certain ailment, you may be referred to a doctor who may prescribe an artificial respirator. But there are times when artificial respirators fail to work and oxygen therapy is essential. If the portable hyperbaric chamber is functioning properly, then a patient can breathe easily and safely without worrying about getting hyperventilated. And when cells are being grown in these chambers, then the oxygen therapy can be carried on. Discover more here here about these products.

Some chambers also feature a temperature regulator, which will limit the high altitude inlet temperature to just a small margin above that of the norm. If the altitude is too high, the cells won't be able to divide, or if too low the concentration of oxygen may be below standards. In either case, the portable hyperbaric chamber will return to normal once the limit is reached. These chambers are ideal for scientific purposes where precise measurements are needed and they are safe for human beings to use. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diving_chamber.

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